KC Mae Kelly Photography

Hey there, Sunshine!

Welcome to my world, where stories unfold through my lens. I'm all about vibrant and authentic imagery that truly captures the essence of who you are. From capturing the raw emotions to highlighting the smallest, oh-so-special details, my aim is to freeze those treasured memories and bring them to life with genuine connections that shine through in every photo.

With an irresistible mix of passion, creativity, and a dash of spontaneity, I am so ready to jump into this adventure with you! Together, we'll curate a collection of memories that will have your heart doing a happy dance and rocking a smile every single time you look back at them. Are you ready?!

Curious about the experience? Get ready for some serious laughter, a whole lotta fun, and a vibe that'll keep you smiling all the way through. Seriously, it's gonna be unforgettable! We're gonna capture those amazing moments that'll have you laughing 'til your cheeks hurt. So let's loosen up, embrace the good vibes, and make memories that'll stick with you forever. I can't wait to be your go-to gal, capturing those extraordinary moments that make life a freakin' masterpiece. For real, I'm so excited because we're about to create something absolutely amazing together!

Golden hour summer portrait: Two young kids snuggle their mom in a hammock, capturing the anticipation of a rainbow baby
Golden hour summer portrait: young daughter snuggles her mom in a hammock, capturing the anticipation of a rainbow baby
Sunrise proposal at Rock Springs, Decatur, IL: man down on one knee surprising his soon-to-be fiance with a wedding ring
Engaged couple embracing joyfully at Rock Springs, Decatur, IL.
Family enjoying autumn in Decatur, IL. Two young boys running to hug their parents in a woodland setting.

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"Life's beauty lies within fleeting moments.

It's within these fragments that we discover the magic woven into the tapestry of our existence."